U18 ID June Skate Registration (Lambton Jr. Sting AAA Hockey )

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  1. U18 AAA ID Skate:

    The June ID skate ice-times for the U18 program have been secured. 

    7-8:30 pm June 21 (CW), 

    7-8 pm Jun 27 (PASA 2))

    Please advise the dates you plan to attend. Payment options per player $25.00 per skate - $40.00 if commit to both.

    Please, Send e-transfer Payment VIA email to Karen Hare [email protected]

    All remaining funds left after expenses will be donated to charity.

    Please fill out the form in its entirety below if wishing to attend Lambton AAA U18 Work Out.

  2. Please fill out first and last name.
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  4. Please input the position you played most recently.
  5. Please input your dominant hand for shooting or catching.
  6. Please identify the team you played for during the 2021/2022 season.
  7. Please identify the team you played for during the 2020/2021 season.
  8. Please list any relevant off-season training and experience you have participated in.

    I am aware and approve of the above-named player's registration to participate in U18AAA scrimmages for the Lambton AAA Hockey Association. I undertake that the above-named player is in good health except as noted above. I relinquish to the player's coach/instructor the right to instruct, direct and as appropriate, discipline the player during the specific team tryouts the player is participating in. The undersigned Parent/Guardian hereby releases, remises and forever discharges the Lambton AAA Hockey Association and their heirs, executive, coaches, trainers, managers, committees and instructors of all action, causes of actions, damage claims and demands whatsoever which may arise from any incident to the participating child and/or player and /or property while practicing, playing, travelling to or from hockey related events arranged by, through or supervised by though or supervised by said association. The undersigned Parent/Guardian acknowledges having read and understood the information on the back of this form regarding OHF regulations E28-E42.

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