U18 (2006-2007) (Lambton Jr. Sting AAA Hockey )


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    This tournament is sanctioned by Hockey Canada as an International Tournament. Hockey Canada, the Ontario Hockey Federation, Alliance Hockey and the Kitchener Blueline Tournament rules and regulations shall apply. 


    Hockey Canada rules state that a team may sign and use 19 players and may dress 19 players, including two goaltenders for each game (20 players for U18). Team officials must present an approved Hockey Canada, or affiliate, or A.H.A.U.S. player certificate / Roster for the current season, to the Tournament Official prior to the start of their first game for each team player or affiliated player eligible for tournament play. 


    1. Teams must upload a final roster to the website 24 hour prior to their first game
    2. Final roster and Travel Permit / Permission from home association must also be available on request during the tournament. 
    3. Teams are required to bring two sets of sweaters, one dark set and one light set. The home team shall wear dark.
    4. All games will start on time. Teams must be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes before game time. 
    5. No time outs allowed in Round Robin Play.  One 30 second timeout per team per game in Championship rounds (quarters, semis and finals). 
    6. NOTE: Spectators are NOT allowed in the change areas or dressing rooms. It is the responsibility of the Team Officials to respect and enforce this rule at all times. 
    7. Please note that at this time there are no COVID-19 protocols and procedures to follow; however this may be  subject to change based on any Provincial, Municipal, Public Health, or Hockey governing body decisions. 


    As this is an International Tournament and many teams are not in the Alliance Branch, a number of rule interpretations are listed below. Please familiarize yourself with these rules. If you have any questions, please contact the on-duty Convener.

    NOTE: Current O.H.F. minimum suspension list for minor hockey will be followed.  

    1. MATCH PENALTIES will be reported to that team’s organization 
    2. STICK PENALTIES (high sticking, slashing, cross checking, spearing double minor, butt ending double minor) WILL BE CALLED CLOSELY. A player receiving 3 stick penalties in a game will automatically receive a game ejection.
    3. SUSPENSION (S) of player (s), coaching staff, managers, trainers, etc will be served in the tournament. All suspensions will be forwarded to that team’s organization. 
    4. Any player (s) who incurs a FIGHTING PENALTY shall be suspended for the balance of the tournament. 
    5. There shall be no protests; TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL(S) decision (s) shall be final. 


    Round Robin Games 


    Length of Period Time including Breaks or Ice Floods


    10 Stop – 10 Stop – Break - 15 Stop


    10 Stop – 15 Stop – Break - 15 Stop


    10 Stop – 15 Stop – Break - 15 Stop


    10 Stop – 15 Stop – Flood - 15 Stop


    15 Stop – 15 Stop – Flood -15 Stop


    15 Stop – 15 Stop – Flood -15 Stop

    Above Breaks and Flood times will be determined by the amount of time available. At any time during the tournament flood times may be changed to a flood after every two periods. 

    Mercy rule applies to Round Robin games as follows. When there is a five (5) goal differential in the third period, the clock will change to running time and does NOT revert back to stop time.  Minor penalties will be 3:00 minutes and major penalties will be 7:30 minutes during run time. 

    Final pool standings will be determined as follows: 

    The total points obtained in Round Robin competition (2 Points for a win, 1 Point for a tie, 0 points for a loss) will determine the higher placing team. In the event teams are tied for play-off positions the following procedures will apply in the order presented:

    1.     If two teams are tied, and they have played each other in Round Robin competition, the winner of the game between the two teams will be awarded the higher position. 

    2.     If  teams are still tied at the end of the Round Robin, the team with the best goal average will qualify. The goal average of a team is to be determined by dividing the total number of GOALS FOR and AGAINST into the TOTAL number of GOALS FOR with the team having the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE WINNING the HIGHER POSITION Example: 10 goals for, 4 goals against, Percentage 10/14 = .714 12 goals for, 6 goals against, Percentage 12/18=.667. This indicates the team with the Percentage of .714 would take the higher seeding.

    3.     If the teams are still tied after (1) and (2), the team to qualify would be the one that scored the first goal in the game between the two teams (Only if two teams are tied)  

    4.     If the teams are still tied after (1), (2), and (3), the team to qualify would be the team that received the least penalty minutes throughout the Round Robin.  

    5.     If the teams are still tied after all previous methods have been applied, the winner of the playoff position will be decided by a single toss of a coin supervised by the Tournament Chairman or Designate .

    Championship Round Format  

    Seeding of team will be determined by ranking as above as highest to lowest.  Team will be matched as highest plays lowest, 2nd highest plays 2nd lowest, etc.   


    All playoff games – the team with the highest / best record in the Round Robin games will be the home team. Playing times will be the same as the Round Robin. One 30 second timeout per team per game in Championship rounds (quarters, semis and finals). 

     If overtime is required to determine a winner, a ten-minute stop time sudden victory period will be used with 3 on 3 plus a goalie. In the overtime period, teams will not switch ends. 

     Floods in overtime will be determined by the Tournament Committee. In the overtime period, player changes may only be done on the fly. No player changes will be permitted during a stoppage of play.  

     Penalties during overtime 

     The penalized team may never play with less than 3 players and a goalie.  Players are added to the non penalized team (example: first penalty becomes a 4 on 3, second penalty to same team becomes a 5 on 3, etc).  On the normal conclusion of a penalty, the penalized player returns to the ice until the first stoppage of play where the teams are returned to 3 on 3 or the appropriate numbers based on any outstanding penalties. 

    Shoot Out

     If the overtime period fails to determine a winner, a best of 5 shoot out alternating between teams will be used. The home team will be given choice to shoot 1st or 2nd in the shoot out round. If after 5 shots in the shoot out the teams are still tied, a sudden victory format will be used. No player may shoot a 2nd time in the shootout round until all eligible shooters have shot once. 
    Eligible shooters - A player who is still serving a penalty at the end of the over-time is not eligible to take part in the shoot-out.

    Game Forfeit

    If team forfeits a game they will be assigned a 1-0 loss. The opposing team in the match will be assigned a 1-0 win.

     Playoff Seeding 

    For single group division, the top four teams will advance and will be ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, as per the tie breaking rules above.

    For 2 Group Divisions, 1st and 2nd  place teams will advance. 1st place teams will be ranked into 1st place and 2nd place. The 2nd place teams will be ranked into 3rd place and 4th place as per tie breaking rules above. 

     For 3 Group Divisions, 3 Group winners will advance and be ranked into 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as per the tie breaking rules above. The best record of the remaining teams will advance as a wildcard and be the 4th place team. 

     For 4 Group Divisions, 4 group winners will advance and be ranked into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, as per the tie breaking rules above.   

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    Fri, Dec 01

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    1.      A & AA divisions will play a 4 game round robin to determine seeding for elimination games.  All age groups will play semi-final games with the seeding based on the results of the round robin games.

    2.      AAA divisions will play a 4 game round robin to determine seeding for elimination games.

    3.      Game lengths will be as follows:

    a. U11/10U – 10 - 15 -15
    b. U18/18U A/AA – 15 - 15 - 15
    c. U18/18U AAA – 15 - 15 – 20
    d. All games will have a 3:00 warm up.

    4.      Hockey Canada playing rules will be used for all tournament games.

    5.      There will be NO TIME-OUTS in round robin play.  Teams will be allowed one, 30 second time-out in seeded elimination games.

    6.      In round robin play teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie.

    7.      Seeding will be determined in the following order:

    a.      Most points
    b.      Head to Head play (In the event of a 3+ way tie H2H will not be used as a tie breaker).
    c.      Highest goal percentage. Calculated GF/(GF + GA).
    d.      Total (least) penalty minutes. M = 10m, GM = 10m, GRM = 15m, MP = 15m.
    e.      Fastest goal by the team in the first game of the tournament.
    f.       Coin flip.  In the event of a three way tie the odd coin is awarded highest seed.

    8.      The overtime format for seeded elimination games will be as follows:

    a.      3 on 3, 15 minute sudden victory (3 skaters + 1 goalie).
    b.      Penalties in the overtime period(s) will result in the non-offending team gaining an on ice strength advantage  (4 on 3, 5 on 3).
    c.       Penalized players will return to the ice following their penalties and teams will play 4 on 4, or 5 on 5 until the  stoppage following the expiration of the penalty where teams will return on 3 on 3 strength.
    9.      Teams will be ready to play 15 minutes before their scheduled game time.  Games will start no earlier than 15  minutes early.



    1.    RULE BOOK:  All C.H.A / Alliance rules apply plus the following Sarnia Silver Stick rules.
    2.    FIGHTING:  Automatic ejection for duration of tournament.
    3.    MATCH:  Automatic ejection for duration of tournament.
    4.    MAJOR:  Any player or team official receiving TWO (2) Major penalties of any type shall be ejected for the duration of the tournament.
    5.    TRAVESTY:  Any player, team official or parent found to be making a travesty of the game shall be expelled from further tournament participation.
    6.    ABUSE: Any player, team official or parent found to be abusive toward ANY TOURNAMENT OFFICIAL, will be expelled from further tournament participation.
    7.    EJECTION: Any player or team official ejected from a game for any reason shall remain in the dressing room for the duration of the game.  Failure to do so will result in expulsion from further tournament play.
    8.    PARENTS:  Any parent that is ejected from the arena during the tournament must leave IMMEDIATELY and shall not be allowed to participate as a spectator for the duration of the tournament.  Should the parent(s) refuse to leave in a timely fashion the game shall be forfeited.  Team officials ARE required to supply the name of any parent(s) ejected to Tournament Officials.  Failure to do so shall result in the immediate withdrawal of the team from tournament play.
    9.    OFFSIDES/ICING:  Delayed (Touch-up) offsides are in effect.  Automatic icings (play blown dead when the puck crosses the goal line).
    10. NECK GUARDS/MOUTH GUARDS: To be worn in accordance with YOUR home association.
    11. MERCY RULE: Games will be run time if there is a 5 goal differential in the 3rd period.  Once run time is established it will be used for the remainder of the game.


    The Tournament Director's decision is final.

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